Ulf Eriksson and his label Kontra-Musik are so deeply interconnected that you can’t really imagine one without the other. It’s like trying to picture Saturn without its rings. Ulf Eriksson started Kontra-Musik as a club night in 2002 and the label four years later. Ulf has always had a knack of connecting interesting and creative artists to his label, from artists like Jason Fine and Tyler Friedman overseas to Frak, TM404, Rivet and Sebastian Mullaert closer to home. The collaboration with Sebastian Mullaert has been especially instrumental for both Kontra-Musik and Ulf Eriksson himself. The two friends started touring the world together a couple of years ago with a unique hybrid setup where Sebastian plays live and Ulf plays records. This also resulted in very special album called The Dance, released on Kontra-Musik in 2015.

Kontra-Musik celebrated its 10 year’s anniversary 2016 with a string of releases. The recipe for the success and vitality of Kontra-Musik is Ulf Eriksson’s rejection of recipes. The label is outspokenly free of restraints and what gets released is simply up to Ulf’s intuition. This has kept the label relevant and exciting for over ten years. Ulf appreciates artists that have something to say and music with a perspective of its own. This is not only apparent in the label’s catalogue but also in Ulf Eriksson’s record bag. He has been a DJ for nearly 20 years now, always expertly mixing with great personality and an open mind and always with an impeccable sense of what’s genuine and – above all – dance-inducing. This has brought Ulf Eriksson to venues like Berghain, Tresor, Khidi, Culture Box, Concrete, The Block, Lux, Unit and Liquid Room in Tokyo as well as festivals like Labyrinth, ADE, Forte Festival in Portugal, Organik Festival in Taiwan, 4GB in Georgia and the mighty Fusion Festival, to name a few. Ulf loves to dance, he loves to make other people dance and he’s awfully good at it. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that.

Besides being a much beloved DJ, Ulf Eriksson is also the artistic director of the music department at Inkonst, a renowned cultural centre in Malmö, Sweden. Ulf is also the chief curator for Intonal – one of the most prestigious festivals for electronic music and experimental culture in Europe. 




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