Ever invited any of our artists over to your city? If so, chances are pretty high that you had the pleasure to get the flights booked with our beloved Sonja from Avatours Travel Management Service from Cologne. So here we go, below some things you shouldn't miss over there!

Cologne Cathedral

The pride of the city. Apart from being the tallest and most impressive building in town, there is a bunch of myths growing around it. Go to the narrow side entrance and look up to the second column on your right side. There you can spot the master builder of the dome - Master Gerhard - falling from the building, followed by the devil in the form of a poodle. 
Gerhard made the bet of finishing the Cathedral earlier than the devil building an aqueduct to the city. The nasty devil cheated, completed his task earlier than the Master and appeared as that poodle on the top of the Cathedral to hunt for the soul of Gerhard. To escape his persecutor, he decided to jump from the cathedral - followed by the devil. Amen.

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Nagoya Restaurant

If you are into Asian cuisine and like your portions big, head to Nagoya next to Hohenzollernring, right around our office! Come over and say hi! 

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Like it a bit fancier? Head to Okinii at Blaubach 1. A bit more stylish, a bit more expensive, orders are taken with an iPad, and they serve delicious rice-burgers. 

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Cologne Cathedral pt. II

You see, we really love our cathedral. So here another little detail. Once you found Master Gerhard, it's time to go inside where your attention will be caught by the big and beautifully decorated glass windows. If you are lucky, you will find an extraordinary one, depicting a red car. Why a red car?
Like many other German cities, Cologne was pretty much destroyed during world war II. Luckily the cathedral survived without significant damage - surprisingly just one window burst. Exactly, the one with the red car. But I have to admit: I never found this window so far. 

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Black Karate
Again an Asian restaurant! The best place to spend lunchtime for me is Black Karate. The service is charming, extremely fast and they serve the best Ramen soup in town. Need another reason? When the sun is shining, you can slurp your soup outside on Friesenplatz.

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Tünnes & Schäl

These two guys are two legendary characters of the Hänneschen-puppet-theatre. You will find a statue of them in the old downtown of Cologne. People say that rubbing Tünnes' nose will bring you a lot of luck.

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Cozy and quite is Meat.ing serving Korean BBQ. Just help yourself by throwing everything you like onto the grill. Side dishes come indefinite, so bring a lot of hunger. 
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St. Ursula Church

This church is a really special place to visit! A chamber of the church has its wall covered with bones and skulls. According to the legend, these are the remains of 11.000 virgins who followed Saint Ursula. She was supposed to get married to the king of the Huns but refused. You can envision the rest for yourself: poor Ursula and her friends got slaughtered. Elven black drops on the city arms remind them to this day. 

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Zum Alten Brauhaus

And last but not least: A thing Cologne is famous for throughout Germany is its beer: Kölsch. Served in small glasses, so better order a bunch of them right away. A good place to enjoy these is brewery Zum Alten Brauhaus incl. some amazing German food. 

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