You know what you’re getting when Andrea releases his almost-annual 12-inch on Ilian Tape: post-Shed techno tunes, foggy in classic Ilian style, balancing peak-time energy with romantic drift and pumping linear grooves with broken ones.The Turin producer is only getting better at this sound. His latest, which is light on the breakbeats but more than delivers on everything else, sounds sharper than ever. The obvious show-stealer, “20th November,” comes first. It’s a euphoric big-room banger, though it suffers from slightly plodding drums. Andrea makes up for this elsewhere, with tough, swung grooves that frame a variety of ear-catching moods.

The producer’s sentimental side doesn’t show on the lethally funky “Layer.” The percussion is dry and restless and the bassline is shark-like, while the background atmosphere swirls hypnotically. “Radiant” slams harder, but the intensity is leavened by chords that bounce sweetly through the track’s cavernous spaces, sending up dust clouds of reverb behind them. Its charging rhythm is deceptively complex, making use of gaps and lilting accents. Andrea takes his drum programming further on “Remade.” It’s fractured and bouncy at first, before swelling chords give it that classic Andrea sense of big-room grandeur. This lot should be plenty to tide us over till next year.
— 3.8/5 | Angus Finlayson |