... a must listen for anyone looking to take the dancefloor in stranger directions.
— Thumb

"Patrick Conway doesn't want us to know too much about him, which is probably why he sent us the photo above. Is that Patrick atop a skateboard or just a tourist cruising the Southbank? Is it a photo from last week or two decades ago? We'll never know and we'll probably still be pondering it as we croak our last breath in a bedsit in Bromley. Sad!

We do know, though, that his latest EP for Radio Slave's esteemed imprint is "inspired by transcendental mediation, UK rave, Sheffield bleep/Warp records, Carl Craig circa the early 90s, Silent Servant, Shabba Ranks and joss sticks smoking out the studio," which is about as good a series of influences as you can get." Find the full Thumb Feature HERE.