When in Rom… wait. That would be Rome, and this time of year the eternal city is eternally hot and stuffy, full of tourists and overpriced pizza... Let's try again, shall we...


Rom is out, Seph's long awaited new EP on Aula Magna! Much better.

To celebrate in style. XLR8 is offering the Cosmin TRG remix as a download for absolutely no charge! Then: Medellinstyle, NXT Gravity and Thump Colombia all are featuring Rom front and center (Getting jealous yet, Rome?)... Get your presales at Decks, Deejay, Redeyerecords or Juno or go full credit-card-crunch at Hardwax, Juno, Clone, Deejay or Decks.

And if you're now completely overwhelmed by all things, we've still got you covered: Seph will be part of the re-birth of Jeremy P. Caulfield's beloved Dumb Unit, below a preview of this long awaited return: