Extra, Extra, read all about it:
Mike Dehnert's new album is out now and it's raking in the reviews & news.

First up is French edition of Mixmag with a nice intro to Mike and his work - should you be able to decipher those strange non English words. Italy's honestly named Son of Marketing is up next, giving us not just an English blurb but also some streamable wares to boot.

But the Germans teach us how it's done: Dont tell, show! Mike's Fachwerk and all iof his label mates will be taking over Berin's Tresor come August, including Mr. Dehnert with a DJ and live sets. Jawohl, RSVP here on Resident Advisor!

But in the meantime: Get your black gold copy aka vinyl edition of Mike's new LP from Hardwax or Decks.de.