Techno authority Mixmag was looking for the most influential labels of the past decade and found what we already knew: There's more to techno than repetitive 4/4 foundations and booming kick drums and Ilian Tape fits the bill!

Yes dear friend, uncork that champagne, hand out those cigars and rock that flashy party hat you bought for that NYE2000 party you never attended, as Dario and Marco Zenker's label is joining the ranks of Tresor, Clone, Soma, OstgutTon and R&S in the top 15!

We are so proud, we could wear two party hats at once... <3

But hold your party hats, there's more! Mixmag also published a feature on a decade of Ilian Tape (which is a lot of tape if you think about it). Read all about how the boys boostrapped their vision, how they got changed by it and where it might lead them. (Hint: Anywhere, with or without party hats)

Congratulations Dario and Marco. Here's to ten more!