RBMA: “How would you describe the music that you release to someone that hasn’t heard of Kontra-Musik?”
Ulf Eriksson: “That is hard. Maybe a mess?”

This is not the only interview where Ulf describes his label Kontra-Musik or the philosophy behind it as “a mess”. But reading ‘mess’ as ‘something without restraints’ it makes then pretty much sense as definition for the label’s music approach, moving between “elegant Techno, true-school house and ambient textures “ (RBMA).

What is for sure beyond discussion: a Kontra track never messes up a dj-set. Which might also be the reason why Kontra-Musik was featured as label of the month by Resident Advisor.

Visit Kontra-Music’s Website, have a listen to Ulf’s Kontra-Musik Moodwing Session for RBMA, or tune in below into some of the latest releases: