It may sound a bit lofty in 2017, but I still believe that you can have a cultural and political impact with a club. That’s one of my main drives. I sat down and wrote a very long essay about what, in my eyes and experience, makes a good one. I wanted to make a club that advances dance culture in one way or another.
— David Muallem |

As a result of it's "NO-photo-policy" probably many people were curious: what might this new club in Munich look like? Pictures from the outside of the building were easy to find online. If you met on of the residents - among them Dario or Marco Zenker, Julietta, Stenny and Skee Mask - you could have ask them for their impressions. But... 

But finally out there: a photo of the main floor. Hm, wait, much more interesting is the interview which comes with this photo. Electronic Beats met with one of the minds behind the venue, David Muallem, talking about the story of the place, the sound concept, and it's very special ethos.

Read the interview HERE or visit the club online HERE. Or simply get this flight booked and check it out yourself <3