This was a party for the heads and the ravers, and we were going to be put through our paces.
— Holly Dicker |

When the Ilian Tape Boys do a take-over, they do it properly! Manchester had earlier this months 3 opportunities to enjoy the sound of Munich represented by Stenny, Andrea & Skee Mask

01.07.16 | Instore session at Eastern Bloc Records
01.07.16 | Hidden with the guys from Project 13 MCR
02.07.16 | Project 13 x Ilian Tape at NTS Radio

In case you didn't have the luck to be in Manchester that weekend, here your chance to get an idea what was happening: the guys' NTS set is online (we will post this as soon as possible too). And Resident Advisor wrote a lovely review about the party:

"Skee Mask kicked off with breakbeat, something that he, Stenny and Andrea have all shown an affinity for over the past few years—Skee Mask especially. The pair then proceeded to carve between techno, acid and electro with the sort of fanatic energy of two mates trying to outdo each other. By the close they'd hit a jungle and grime groove, which encouraged a few more bellows and flailing limbs from the crowd. 
Playing live and adopting a more casual sit-down position, Andrea followed with an hour of deep, smouldering techno, licked with breaks and fused with those warm pads and synths that characterise his Ilian Tape discography. It was a reset of a kind before Djrum finished in a blaze of hardcore and jungle bombs to close."

Nuff said! <3