A club-night has a lot in common with a dinner at a private place; the right number and selection of the guests decides whether the night will be a tasty get together or an evening with people starring at their mobiles and wondering about the right moment to pop off. 

And as with an invitation to a dinner, heading to a club as guest DJ means you are to a certain part depending on the thoughts of the host and if he brings together the right artists on the right occasion. Being either an good bottle of wine or pile of dear records, if the rest is not planned well nobody will appreciate any of them -  fool's errand. 

Turning the tables, since a some time our beloved Julietta decided to not just travel around the globe but to put all her dedication into her own nights. And after a quick break we are happy to follow her next invite on June 10 to MMA for her very own 'Relish' night. After guests like Dana Ruh, Molly, Amir Alexander, Candy Pollard, XDB, Jichael Mackson, Sammy Dee or Eli Verveine she picked Margret Dygas as co-chef for that Friday's menu, promising a night where you won't need your mobile to enterain yourself.

Who said that too many cooks behind the booth spoil the broth? 

And now enough of kitchen-allusions: RSVP on Facebook & Resident Advisor for Relish at MMA Munich on June 10, 2016..