Despite the skin-skimming name, Graze sink in deep. Fusing techno, garage, and the broken rhythms of contemporary bass – the project, composed of Christian Andersen and Adam Marshall represents an effort to look beyond club-music cliché. Their music has the kind of emotional weight and musical narrative that are all too rare these days.

The duo's backstory is emblematic of a broader convergence in club music. Both producers hail from different corners of Toronto's fertile club scene — Marshall from house and techno, Andersen from jungle and dubstep. The two met up in Berlin, and, as fans of each other's work, decided to join forces for a series of "upfront dance-floor tracks" that occupy the netherworld between their respective traditions. They aimed for that elusive sweet spot — neither gimmicky party jams nor flaccid, "experimental" brooders — and they nailed it.

You can certainly hear each producer's hallmark: Marshall's brushed stainless steel drums and watery chords, Andersen's glowering sub bass and spine-tingling textures. They meet in the middle with their shared sense of swing, poised on the verge between jacking house and half-tempo swagger.

Unusually, they produce these tracks in isolation, with each producer's ideas becoming the fodder for a virtual back-and-forth from their respective studios. But their material is also created with the live set in mind. The tracks unfold naturally, with an elastic sense of tension that offers DJs plenty to play with — and that gives the duo free reign to reshape and remodel in real time, per the dance floor's response.


Singles & EPs

  • Coax / Thundare - New Kanada - 2014

  • MWeapon - New Kanada - 2014

  • Skip/Crush - New Kanada - 2014

  • Nevermore - New Kanada - 2013


  • Soft Gamma Repeater (3x12”) - New Kanada - 2014

  • Edges - New Kanada - 2013

  • Graze (2x12”) - New Kanada - 2013




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