A Sagittariun arrived in late 2011, fully formed, and with a strong agenda to release musical dispatches from the frontline of the constellation. Via the Elastic Dreams label, A Sagittariun has released a consistent selection of 12” discs, each one armed with breadth and sustenance, exploring the outer reaches of deep and thoughtful electronic music, where possible accompanied by a message of hope. Using the dream process as a springboard for musical activity, A Sagittariun has indulged in astrological techno, spiritual house music, bass heavy dub rhythms and ambient paths.

For the full experience, two full length albums have been released; the debut ‘Dream Ritual’, and 2016’s follow up, ‘Elasticity’.  DJ and live sets at Tresor, Glastonbury Festival, Secretsundaze, The Garden Festival and more have captured the psychedelic mood of the music in the club and festival setting to great response.

Following on from his well received “The Magick Box” EP on Elastic Dreams, A Sagittariun releases a new single on British label Hypercolour.  “Vanishing Point” is out on June 16th and features a remix from Matrixxman.  The lead track has been receiving heavy rotation from DJs like Laurent Garner, Dense & Pika, Len Faki and more….


Singles & EPs

  • The Circle Stops Somewhere - Elastic Dream - 2011

  • Carina - Elastic Dreams - 2012

  • Uno 10 - Elastic Dreams - 2012

  • Born Under 22 Stars - Elastic Dreams - 2012

  • Transparent Mind - Elastic Dreams - 2013

  • The Section 31 - Elastic Dreams - 2013

  • Rapid Ear Movement - Elastic Dreams - 2013

  • Across The Celestial Sphere - Elastic Dreams - 2013

  • Lost Cities - Secretsundaze - 2014

  • Wish You Were There - Elastic Dreams - 2014

  • The Jupiter Chronicles - Elastic Dreams - 2014

  • No Spring Chicken - Hype_LTD - 2015

  • The Anomaly - Elastic Dreams - 2015


  • Dream Ritual - Elastic Dreams - 2013




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